Dear PAMLA Conference Participants,

Our tentative PAMLA conference schedule and program is now ready for your viewing-pleasure.  In order to view it, go to

If you could take a moment to look at your paper or session, I’d love all of your help with proofreading.  Please look here to check the document and make sure your name, affiliation, paper title, and abstract are as you wish them to be.  I really appreciate your help with proofreading your information.  If you wish to make any changes, please email me your desired changes by August 20, 2009 (be sure, however, that your changes do not make your abstract longer than fifty words, the maximum abstract length).  Please send me your desired changes as both an email and a word document, and please indicate your purpose (PAMLA schedule editing) in your subject line: [email protected].

While I believe that the session dates and times are fixed, there is a slight possibility that we will be forced to change the time of a session.  If we end up having to change the date or time of a session, we will contact all affected participants with that information by the end of August.

If you wish to have a word or phrase italicized and it isn’t italicized already, please indicate that the word or phrase should be italicized by placing asterisks around the word or phrase meant to be italicized.  Generally, we are trying to follow MLA-style formatting rules for titles: italics for the titles of books, plays, films, or longer poems, and quotation marks for titles of shorter works.  Please do email me if you find any errors or wish to make any changes to your name, affiliation, paper title, or abstract, or to ask any questions (but be sure to do so by 20 August 2009): [email protected]

All my very best, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in November in San Francisco.


Craig Svonkin
Executive Director
Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association
Assistant Professor of English, Metropolitan State College of Denver