PAMLA Scholarships

Graduate Student Scholarship

A limited number of scholarships, intended to help subsidize travel expenses, are available to graduate students presenting at the annual conference.

See Graduate Student Scholarship Fund for further details.

Margaret H. Sedenquist International Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to help assist a few international scholars each year  to attend the annual PAMLA conference.

See Margaret H. Sedenquist International Scholarship Fund for further details.

Paula Svonkin Creative Arts Award

This award will be given to a PAMLA member attending the annual PAMLA conference who has created a poem, short story, brief play, graphic piece, piece of visual art, or work of creative nonfiction connected to the conference theme

See Paula Svonkin Creative Arts Fund for further details.

German Studies Grant

To assist young scholars of German language, literature, and culture. In honor of cherished colleagues including Gunter H. Hertling, Wolfgang Nehring, Jens Rieckmann, Thomas Saine, and Hans Wagener. 

See German Studies Grant for further details.