PAMLA Resolutions and Statements

Code of Conduct

PAMLA affirms a scholarly community built on respect, a respect that embraces complexity. We strive to recognize together a complexity that fosters dialogue across and within our fields of study, therefore, we have established conference wide conduct guidelines. All attendees are expected to follow these guidelines in all event venues, including online venues, and at conference social events.

Freedom of Travel

PAMLA’s mission entails the study and transmission of diverse historical, linguistic, literary, or cultural studies. Therefore, PAMLA and the broader scholarly community is harmed by policies that restrict intercultural and international scholarly communication. When international scholars are barred from joining us at the annual PAMLA conference, that harms us all.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

In light of violence against Black people in the United States; in light of attacks on Muslim, Jewish, Asian, Native American, Latinx, LGTBQ+, and other Americans, migrants, and immigrants; and in light of generations of racial and gendered inequalities and oppression of marginalized people: we wish to clearly voice our dedication to diversity, inclusion, respect, and equity.