General Membership

How to Join?

You can join PAMLA via our Online Registration System created by our Ballast Academic partners. Our registration and payment system requires that you first Create a User Account, and then click on the Registration & Membership tab to join PAMLA and pay the conference fees. You may also use this new system to make a donation to our PAMLA Scholarship Fund, which helps graduate students to attend our annual conference.

If you have any questions about your payment status or should you experience any problems with paying, please feel free to contact PAMLA’s Executive Director, Craig Svonkin by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling him at (626) 354-7526.

For those interested, please do check out our Membership Deadlines and Dues Chart.

Thank you for your support of PAMLA.

Benefits of Membership

Without paying membership dues, any interested party may:

  • View the call for papers for the annual conference
  • Propose a paper for the annual conference
  • Join our emailing list or one of our social networking communities to receive announcements about PAMLA events and activities
  • Ability to propose special sessions for the annual conference
  • Propose essays for Pacific Coast Philology

Official PAMLA membership entitles you to several additional benefits, including:

  • Access issues of Pacific Coast Philology via (only when membership is current), dating back to 1966
  • Ability to attend, present at, or chair a session at the annual conference (with the additional expense of the conference fee)
  • Copy of Pacific Coast Philology, published twice a year
  • Have books reviewed in Pacific Coast Philology
  • Right to post academic announcements of interest on the PAMLA website (by emailing them to the Executive Director)
  • Right to vote in annual election to select PAMLA officers and executive committee
  • Other highly useful professional information