• Did you miss the initial PAMLA paper proposal deadline?
  • Did you get brain-lock and neglect to propose a paper for PAMLA 2018?
  • Are you a tad blue, perhaps even a deep blue-purple-despondent, as a result?

Well, do we have GOOD news for you! We have now entered the “Sudden Death, First Come, First Served Extended Deadline Period” (SDFCFSEDP to connoisseurs of unmanageable acronyms).

SDFCFSEDP is the period for those PAMLA Conference sessions in need of just one or two more papers.

SDFCFSEDP is perfectly designed for you if: a) you somehow slept through the initial paper proposal period; b) you were stranded on a deserted island; c) you were too busy grading, grading, grading, grading; d) you were binge-watching all of BoJack Horseman; e) you have a bit of my slacker-procrastinator-dilly-dallier-disease; or f) All of the Above!

We currently have approximately twenty sessions still in search of one or two more papers. So, if you’d like to join us in beautiful, green, lush Bellingham, Washington in November for the terrific PAMLA Conference, please take a look at our CFP page to see what sessions might need a proposal

But do propose as soon as possible, as sessions will leave the list once they receive the paper(s) they need.

If you have any questions about PAMLA or the PAMLA Conference, feel free to contact PAMLA Executive Director Craig Svonkin ([email protected] or 626-354-7526).