PAMLA’s New Membership & Conference Payment System

We have been building a new system for membership and conference payments/registration, luncheon reservations, and donations to our Scholarship Funds. Thank you for your patience while we have been putting the finishing touches on it.

Well, now you can go to to join or re-join PAMLA and also pay the conference fee for the 2019 PAMLA year (there is a handy COMBO Membership/Conference payment option). With our new, improved system, you will first have to create a new user account, and then you’ll be able to join PAMLA for the 2019 year (and pay the conference fee as well, if you wish). We hope you are considering joining us for the 2019 PAMLA conference in beautiful, sunny San Diego, but even if you can’t, do please consider paying our reasonable PAMLA membership fee so you’ll receive two issues of our always fascinating journal, Pacific Coast Philology. Plus, your ongoing support makes it possible for us to continue to grow and prosper as an association.

For general information on membership and payment check out our info page here.

We also have a dues chart available.