Welcome to the 2018 PAMLA Year! We hope that you will consider joining or rejoining PAMLA for 2018 (should you do so, your membership will expire on December 31, 2018, no matter when in 2018 you join). Membership in PAMLA will entitle you to two issues of our terrific scholarly journal, Pacific Coast Philology, as well as the ability to attend, present at, or chair a session at the annual conference.

Membership/How to Join Page

Please note that both PAMLA membership and conference fees are required for all conference presiding officers, chairs, and presenters (your membership is due by July 15, 2018; the conference fee is due by October 1, 2018. You may pay a combined membership fee/conference fee right now, should you wish. For those who pay their conference fee after October 1, there will be an additional $10 late fee charged.).

PAMLA dues are quite reasonable for everyone, but prices fall into three rates depending on whether you are a tenure-track faculty member, a lecturer, or are emeritus faculty, a student, or part-time faculty. In order to see specific dues and price categories, please go to our Dues Chart.

To join PAMLA for the 2018 Year, to pay for the 2018 PAMLA Conference, and/or to make a PAMLA Graduate Student Scholarship Donation, go to the Membership/How to Join Page.

From the Membership/How to Join Page, you will be able to choose to pay via our safe and easy Eventbrite online payment system (our preferred method), or by printing out our membership form and mailing it in with a check.

Should you have any questions about membership or conference fees, please email or call PAMLA Executive Director Craig Svonkin: [email protected] OR 626-354-7526.