2015 PAMLA Conference Room and AV Information

The full 2015 PAMLA Conference schedule, with all rooms assigned, is now available online: https://www.pamla.org/2015/schedule.

If you could check to see where your session or sessions are, that would be a great help. Also, if you could plan ahead when it comes to AV for your session, and perhaps come up with an alternative to AV, just in case of problems, that would be a great help as well.

If you are in a room with a LCD-projector (see below) and plan on using AV, please be sure to arrive at your room early, so as to be sure you can use your AV, and that your interface with your laptop will work (in case of a problem, please send someone to the Registration desk to report the problem, or text Craig Svonkin your room and session number, so he can send someone to try to assist you: 626-354-7526).

If you have a Mac, please bring along an adaptor for your Mac, so you can plug into the LCD-projector (ideally bring a VGA adaptor, but a HDMI should work too).

It might make things run more smoothly if everyone in your session were to load their clips or images or PowerPoint onto one laptop ahead of time, so as not to waste time having to change from one laptop to another.

Not all of our rooms this year have AV (meaning LCD-projectors), and not all of our AV rooms with LCD-projectors have sound, so please look at the schedule, and read the following, to see if your session is placed in one of those non-AV rooms, or in an AV room without sound equipment.

We have three categories of rooms for this year’s conference:

1. Rooms with both LCD-projectors/screens and sound (mostly for those sessions dealing with film, so the presenters will be able to show brief film clips from their laptops). These are all of the rooms at the Marriott City Center (on the schedule, indicated as PMCC, and including the Columbia, Rogue, Willamette, McKenzie, Deschutes, and Winery rooms).

2. Rooms with just LCD-projectors/screens and no sound (this includes most of the rooms at the Hilton, except for the rooms/sessions indicated below in category 3, which will have no LCD-projector or AV whatsoever). We will have some speakers that can be plugged into people’s laptops for these Hilton rooms, available for check-out from the Registration Desk. If you or anyone else in your session needs an external speaker, can you please let PAMLA Executive Director, Craig Svonkin, know ahead of time ([email protected] or 626-354-7526)? In your email, please indicate the name of your session and session number, so we can plan accordingly. These Hilton rooms will have LCD-projectors and screens, but none of our rooms will have laptops. So, please pan accordingly. If all panelists in your session could put their PowerPoint or images onto one laptop ahead of time, that might make things work more smoothly.

Wifi will be spotty in most rooms, most likely, so please do not depend on wifi–download ahead of time any video or images you wish to show, so that you can just click and show or play.

3. A number of our rooms will have no AV whatsoever—no LCD-projectors, no sound, no AV of any sort (panelists will need to make due with other means, such as handouts, to share images or text). The following is a list of those non-AV sessions, by session number, day, time, name, and room. If you have a problem having your session on this non-AV list, please contact Craig Svonkin immediately:

Friday, 8:50 am
1-01 American Literature before 1865 I (Senate Suite, Portland Hilton)
1-03 Creative Writing: Playing for Time (Executive Suite, Portland Hilton)
1-12 Romanticism (Cabinet Suite, Portland Hilton)

Friday, 10:40 am
2-03 American Literature before 1865 II (Senate Suite, Portland Hilton)
2-05 British Literature and Culture: Long 18th Century (Executive Suite, Portland Hilton)
2-09 Indigenous Literatures and Cultures I (Cabinet Suite, Portland Hilton)

Friday, 2 pm
3-02 Chaucer and Related Topics (Executive Suite, Portland Hilton)
3-06 East-West Literary Relations (Cabinet Suite, Portland Hilton)
3-07 Faulkner and Time I (Senate Suite, Portland Hilton)

Friday, 3:50 pm
4-08 Latina/o Literature and Culture (Senate Suite, Portland Hilton)
4-09 Narrating Racial Time in the 19th Century U.S. (Executive Suite, Portland Hilton)

Saturday, 8:30 am
6-02 Aesthetics of Democracy (Parlor C, Portland Hilton)
6-16 Medieval Literature I (Senate Suite, Portland Hilton)
6-17 Narrative and Time IV (Cabinet Suite, Portland Hilton)
6-18 Postcolonial Literature I (Parlor B, Portland Hilton)

Saturday, 10:20 am
7-04 Comparative Literature II (Cabinet Suite, Portland Hilton)
7-14 Shakespeare and Related Topics (Senate Suite, Portland Hilton)

Saturday, 1:45 pm
8-04 Classics (Greek) (Senate Suite, Portland Hilton)

Saturday, 3:35 pm
9-04 Classics (Latin) (Senate Suite, Portland Hilton)
9-08 Ecocriticism II (Parlor C, Portland Hilton)
9-19 Temporalities and Affect (Cabinet Suite, Portland Hilton)
9-21 Trauma Over Time (Galleria II, Portland Hilton)
9-23 Women in Literature II (Parlor B, Portland Hilton)

Sunday, 8:30 am
10-01 American Literature after 1865 (Galleria III, Portland Hilton)
10-03 Bible in Literature I (Galleria I, Portland Hilton)

Sunday, 10:20 am
11-03 Bible in Literature II (Galleria I, Portland Hilton)
11-06 Classics and Early American Literature and Culture (Executive Suite, Portland Hilton)
11-09 Ethics and Affect II (Galleria III, Portland Hilton)
11-16 Rhetorical Approaches to Literature II (Galleria II, Portland Hilton)

Sunday, 12:10 pm
12-03 Bible in Literature III (Galleria I, Portland Hilton)

We really need all of your help so that things will go as smoothly as possible. When people take a long time setting up their AV, that can take away time from discussion, negatively impacting the entire session.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let Craig Svonkin and your presiding officer/chair know as soon as possible: [email protected] or 626-354-7526.

Thank you so much with your help.  Best, Craig Svonkin, PAMLA Executive Director