Congratulations to PAMLA member Janet Boyd for the publication of her 2014 co-edited essay collection on Gertrude Stein: Primary Stein: Returning to the Writing of Gertrude Stein. Co-edited by Janet Boyd and Sharon J. Kirsch, with essays by Adam Frank, E.L. McCallum, Jody Cardinal, Kristin Bergen, former PAMLA President Steven Gould Axelrod, Linda Voris, Nancy Kuhl, Neil Schmitz, Phoebe Stein, and Boyd and Kirsch themselves, Deborah Mix of Ball State said of the colection: “This is a terrific collection—lucid, wide ranging, and rich. Boyd and Kirsch have assembled a wonderful group of essays on a variety of Stein texts, representing a range of approaches to Stein’s work. This collection is an exciting contribution to Stein scholarship and will also appeal to scholars in feminist and gender studies, modernist studies, and other areas.”

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