PAMLA member Adriana Craciun is the Faculty Organizer for the “Inscriptions: The Material Contours of Knowledge” Conference, March 10-11, 2011, at UC Riverside.   Jerome McGann and Adrian Johns are the keynote speakers for the conference, which is free and open to the public.  For more information, see:

This conference will explore the material dimensions of inscribed knowledge across modern disciplinary lines, featuring talks by internationally known scholars in History, Literature, Digital Humanities, Geography, Music and Art History. Drawing on a diverse range of methodological approaches, the speakers will collectively address the role of material inscription in the formation, or deformation, of knowledge from roughly 1660-1850. Kinds of inscription that we will consider include manuscripts, drawings, maps, graffiti, archives, books and other objects. We will also consider the physical circuits and practices (i.e., manual, technological, social, institutional) through which such inscriptions traveled.