May 15 was the deadline for submitting proposals for the 2015 PAMLA annual meeting.  Most sessions are now “closed” and you will not be able to submit using the online proposal form.  Some sessions will be re-opening with an extended deadline of June 10.  Please consult the Session Topics List to see the latest list of sessions still accepting proposals.

Sessions open for proposals, most until the June 10 extended deadline, currently include:

9/11 Literatures and Masks of Threat
Against Remediation: Re-imagining Re-mediation
Architecture, Space, and Literature
Asian American Literature
Asian Literature
Beowulf and Related Topics
British Literature and Culture: To 1700
Civic Engagement and the Languages
Classics (Greek)
Cognitive Approaches to Early Modern Spanish Literature
Cognitive Approaches to Hispanic Film
Cognitive Approaches to Literature
Comparative American Ethnic Literature
Comparative Media
Contemporary European Cinema
Creative Writing: Playing for Time
Creative Writing: The Problem of Time in Contemporary Fiction
Critical Theory
Diachronical Applications in Spanish Linguistics
Disney and Its Worlds
English as a Second Language Studies
Ethics and Affect II: Transformations
Ethics and Affect III: Temporalities
Films of Richard Linklater
Folklore and Mythology
French Culture in the Shadow of Charlie Hebdo
Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Literature
Hispanic Monstrosities
Innovations in Time and Space in Comics
Jewish Literature and Culture
Literature and Religion
Long Time, Short Text: Historical Short Fiction
Memory in German Literature and Culture
Modern Austrian Literature
Narrative and Time I: Rate and Pace
Narrative and Time II: Non-linear Novels and Specific Time Culture
Neal Stephenson, the Long Now, and the History of the Future
Nordic Literature and Culture
Performing Women’s Roles: 1500-1700 England
Queer Poetics
Religion in American Literature
Rethinking/Retheorizing Video Games

Rhetorical Approaches to Literature
Saga Making in Contemporary (Jap)animations
Television Studies
Time Across Media in the 19th Century Hispanic Atlantic
Translation and Interpretation
Transpacific Literary History
Trauma Over Time
Webcomics Temporalities
World War I and the Return of the Dead
Young Adult Literature

Presiding Officers should begin reviewing the proposals received on their “Submissions Received” tab and inviting potential participants.  See step-by-step instructions if you’d like further details.  All panelists should be confirmed and assigned to a specific session by June 15.