Pacific Coast Philology Call for Submissions

Special Issue: “Migration, Immigration, and Movement in Literature, Film, and Cultures”

How do writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists portray experiences related to migration, immigration, and movement? What reasons do their works offer for why people migrate, immigrate, or move from place to place? What particular rewards and challenges do writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists address when dealing with geographical movements of people? What concepts of “home” and “space” do the processes of migration or immigration evoke? What roles do creative venues play in depicting historical migrations and immigrations? In what ways do various forms of cultural creations intersect with social, political, and economic occurrances in depicting people who migrate, immigrate, or move? What theoretical framework and methodologies help to understand creative portrayals of such movements? What stereotypical images have negatively impacted attitudes towards people who are viewed as nomadic or constantly on the move? How do writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists attempt to combat those stereotypes and attitudes?

Essay submissions that address these and other questions from a variety of disciplines and theoretical approaches are welcome for this special issue of Pacific Coast Philology. Essays should be of interest to scholars in the classical and modern languages, literatures, and cultures. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by specialists in the field. The expected length of the essays is between 5,500 and 8,000 words. In preparing manuscripts, all contributors should follow the MLA Style Manual. Deadline for submission of essays is December 1, 2013, with an expected date of publication in the fall, 2014. Submit essays electronically to Lorely French, special issue editor, at [email protected].