We are proud that our CFP page and Online Paper Proposal system is now up online. You may propose a paper to one of our more than 120 approved 2016 PAMLA Conference sessions:

PAMLA CFP and Online Proposal Submission Page

You may propose more than one paper to more than one approved session online, but remember that you may only deliver one paper at the actual conference. (So please inform presiding officers you propose papers to that you are also proposing to other sessions.  Should you be invited to join one session, and should you accept, please remember to let all the other presiding officers you proposed a paper to know that you are having to withdraw your proposal to them so as to join another session.)

The paper proposal deadline is June 10, but please try to propose before the deadline.

Finally, you will need to register on the PAMLA website before you can propose a paper, if you haven’t registered on the site already.

If you have any questions about PAMLA or the PAMLA conference, please call or email Craig Svonkin: 626-354-7526 or [email protected]