Call for Papers: Romantic Connections

NASSR Supernumerary Conference, University of Tokyo

We invite proposals for a major international Romanticism Conference, to be held at the University of Tokyo on June 13–15, 2014. This unique event will bring together four scholarly societies from three continents: it is a supernumerary conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR), also supported by the British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS), the German Society for English Romanticism (GER), and the Japan Association of English Romanticism (JAER).

Over the last two decades, there has been sustained scholarly interest in the connections between European Romanticism and the peoples, cultures, and literatures of the rest of the world. While our approach will be informed by the legacy of Saidian “Orientalism,” we are particularly interested in models of intercultural connection which refine or challenge totalising models of domination and subordination.

We welcome papers that shed light upon the question of “connection” from the broadest range of perspectives: imaginative, linguistic, material, social, sexual, scientific, economic, and political.

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