2017 PAMLA Conference Extended Paper Proposal List: Deadline, Monday, June 26

While some of our sessions are now closed to submissions, many others remain open. Click on the link below to go to the CFP page so as to find sessions that are still in search of paper proposals. Sessions may be added to this list over the next few weeks (or some may be taken off the list), so do check back regularly. You have until June 26 to propose to these open sessions.

Please click here for more information and to submit a paper proposal.

What are some of the sessions still in need of a strong paper proposal? Well, here are a few, but there are more:

Ancient-Modern Relations
Asian Literature
Biblical Visions in Literature
Blindness and Vision, Hidden and Revealed: Interpretations of Sight in Ancient Religious Texts
Classics (Greek)
Conversations with the Past: Revising the Masters
Creative Writing: Literary Nonfiction and Memoir
Cultures of Teaching
Disney and Its Worlds
East-West Relations
Epistemologies of Sight and Touch in American Literature
Face and Speech: The Audiovisual Scene of Knowing and Encountering
Film in a Francophone Context
Folklore and Mythology
Franz Kafka
French Enlightenment
Gendering Madness: Representations of “Female Madness” in Contemporary French and Francophone Film and Literature
Global Media Ecologies
Godfather at 45
Iconic Images in Media
Jewish Literature and Culture
Labor and Literature
Librettology and Opera Studies
Literature and Tourism
Material Cultures: Objects Transparent and Opaque
Murals and Social Phenomena
New Italians
New Paths to Old Problems: Innovative Cures for Atrophying Language Programs
Nordic Literature and Culture
Oceanic Literatures and Cultures
On Miracles, Travelers and Visionaries in the Iberian World
Otherness and Populism
Poetry and Poetics
Post-Family Studies
Postcolonial Literature
Representations of the Colonial Other in the Visual Arts
Repurposing 19th C. American Literature: Teaching to Non-traditional Students
Rhetorical Approaches to Literature
Seeing Plays: Spectatorship in Early Modern Theater
Sensing Poverty: Visions of Vulnerable Children
Sight, Visibility, and Disability in American Literature
The Visibility of Knowledge: Spanish Culture at the Council of Trent
Un camino difícil/A difficult journey: Cultural products about (il)legal (Im)migration
Victorian Empire and Oceania
Visibility of Terrorism
Vision and Desire: Between the Body and the Unseen
Western American Literature