Call for Contributions to a Special Issue of Pacific Coast Philology

Editor: Andrea Gogröf (Western Washington University)

Theme: Ways of Seeing: Visuality, Visibility, and Vision

Papers are welcome on topics related to this theme, ranging from such issues as the connection of sight to understanding and knowledge; traditional and new models of vision and ways of seeing; the sense of observation; the open and hidden ideologies in visual images; the complexity of image culture in the (post)-modern, digital world; visual culture and shifting power relations; visual culture and gender; the iconic power of the image; visual memories; surveillance; visibility as a trap; the visual and consumer society; the visual and identity; voyeurism; secrets and transparency; visualizations of existence; visions of the ugly, the beautiful, and the sublime; and other topics related to the sense of sight and vision in literature, film, television and culture.

As stated in the guidelines for PAMLA ( ), Pacific Coast Philology publishes peer-reviewed essays of interest to scholars in the classical and modern languages, literatures, and cultures. While we welcome articles that grow out of papers delivered at the Annual Conferences of PAMLA, we encourage essays submitted independently of the conference.

Pacific Coast Philology seeks submissions with a clear, highly developed thesis, that contextualize analysis within the relevant theoretical framework, and most importantly that further the discourse on the topic in an interesting and thought-provoking way.

Manuscripts should be between 5,000 to 8,000 words and include an abstract of up to 500 words. Before submitting, please edit carefully with attention to style, grammar, and bibliographical citations using the latest MLA handbook rules.

The period for submissions is over, and the issue is going to press soon. If you have any questions for guest editor Andrea Gogröf, email her at [email protected].