Sponsored by the APA Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance

Organizer: Timothy Wutrich, Case Western Reserve University…

This panel invites papers on the topic of color, in every sense, in the performance of ancient drama. Papers should address the element of color in productions of ancient Greek and Roman tragedy, satyr play, or comedy in any era from antiquity to the present day. Papers might investigate specific historical productions of a single play, or deal with an aspect of color in multiple works by a director or “school” of directors. Creative proposals for new productions (i.e., productions that have not yet been staged) or previews of productions in rehearsal that study color as a major design element in any ancient drama will also be considered, as long as the paper focuses on the role of color in performance.

Please submit abstracts by email attachment to Amy R. Cohen ([email protected]) by March 1, 2013. Abstracts should be no more than one page in length and must not include the author’s name. In accordance with APA regulations, all abstracts will be reviewed anonymously. Please follow the APA guidelines for formatting abstracts, available online at….