2016 PAMLA Conference Extended Paper Proposal List: Friday, July 1 Deadline

The following sessions are still in search of paper proposals. Sessions may be added to this list over the next few weeks, so do check back regularly. You have until July 1 to propose to any of these sessions.

Go here to submit a paper proposal: https://www.pamla.org/2016/topic-areas

American Literature before 1865

American Queerness after 1945

Ancient-Modern Relations: The Classical Tradition

Architecture, Space, and Literature

Archives and the Artist Book

Archives and the Management of Sex

Asian Literature


Back from the Dead: Language Revival as Archive, Memory, and Identity

Beyond Archives of Authority: Security, Intelligence, and the Humanities

Beyond the Children’s Paper Book

Beyond the Spine: Experimental Poetics and Form

Borges’ Library: Fictional Configurations of Totality Today

British Literature and Culture: Long 18th Century

British Literature and Culture: To 1700

Children’s Literature

Cinematic Libraries and Archives

Cities in Modern German Literature and Film

Classical Encounters in Early America

Classics (Greek)

Classics (Reception)

Comics and Graphic Novels

Comparative American Ethnic Literature

Comparative Media

Creative Writing: A Shimmer of Possibility: Short Fiction and the Question of Closure

Creative Writing: Poetry and Sonnets and Centos, Oh Boy!

Disabilities in American Literature

Down and Out: Narrativizing Poverty and Homelessness

Drama and Society

East-West Literary Relations

Ekphrasis: Classical, Modern and Post-Modern

English as a Second Language Studies

Film and Literature

Folklore and Mythology

Franz Kafka and the Kafkaesque

Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Literature and Culture

Global Movements: Interdisciplinary Investigations

Hispanic Citizenships

History of the Book

Humanities in Crisis

Indigenous Literatures and Cultures


Latina/o Literature and Culture

Learning in the Digital Library

Librettology and Opera Studies


Making, Distributing, Using, and Teaching Electronic Editions of Medieval and Early Modern Texts

Mid-Twentieth Century Poetry (co-sponsored by the Robert Lowell Society)

Middle English Literature, Including Chaucer

Modern Technology in the Composition Classroom

Nordic Literature and Culture

Old English Literature, Including Beowulf

Permanent Ephemera: Travel Documents and Modernist Writing

Place as Archive in 20th and 21st Century Literatures

Psychoanalysis as an American Frontier: What Freud Discovered

Rhetorical Approaches to Literature


Science Fiction

Secrets and Transparency in Global Literature, Film and Culture

Shakespeare and Related Topics

Spanish and Portuguese (Latin American)

Spanish and Portuguese (Peninsular)

Teaching with Media and Technology

Television Studies

The Business of the Italian Program

The Mediterranean: Encounters, Diaspora, and Beyond

The New Italians: Migrant Stories in Literature and Film

The Strange Place of Ecocriticism: The Material as Cultural Artifact?

Wars of Knowledge: Imperial Hegemony and the Assembling of Libraries

Women and Work

Women in German: Feminist Approaches to/in German Studies: Inclusivity & Sustainability in Teaching, Learning, and Research in the Profession

Women Who Write

If you have questions about proposing to one of these extended deadline sessions, about the conference, or about PAMLA, please email or call Executive Director Craig Svonkin ([email protected] or 626-354-7526).