The PAMLA Executive Board and General Members would like to offer our our deepest gratitude and thanks to Roswitha Burwick for ten years of dedicated service as editor of our beloved Pacific Coast Philology journal. The job of PCP co-editor is a very difficult, thankless, and essential volunteer role that has truly helped the PAMLA community expand its institutional and intellectual reach across academia. Because of her dedication to serving PAMLA’s community, we thank Roswitha for putting so much time and effort into helping us maintain a consistently engaging and rigorous journal. The final issue of PAMLA’s journal, Pacific Coast Philology, to be co-edited by Roswitha with her co-editing partner, Richard Sperber, will be published early in 2021. Thank you for your spectacular service, and cheers to you, Roswitha!

As Roswitha steps down after our spring 2021 issue, we would also like to introduce Cheryl Edelson as our next co-editor, who will also be working alongside the esteemed Richard Sperber. We hope that Cheryl, too, finds tremendous success and joy in the role, and we would also like to wish Cheryl a hearty bon chance! For those interested in PAMLA’s peer-reviewed journal put out by Penn State University Press, please do head over to our Publications link here, or reach out for general inquiries to [email protected].