PAMLA Statement on Community Dedication to Kindness, with Expectations for Comportment at Events

PAMLA affirms a scholarly community built on respect, a respect that embraces complexity.

We strive to recognize together a complexity that fosters dialogue across and within our fields of study;

      that protects individual freedom while working towards equity and inclusion for all members of the community;

      that demands intellectual rigor and justice while always being willing to extend kindness;

      that exercises critical judgment while remaining capable of imagining the benefit of the doubt;

      that is alert to listen and observe while slow to impute motives;

      that recognizes difference while resisting caricature;

      that upholds dignity while not insisting upon narrow definitions of respectability;

      that remains open to change, and hospitable to all members and visitors, to whom we seek to communicate respectfully

            the high expectations of these values.

At PAMLA events, behaviors that are unacceptable include:

  • Harassment or intimidation based on gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, physical appearance, ethnicity, religion, or other group identity
  • Sexual harassment or intimidation, including unwelcome sexual attention, stalking (physical or virtual), or unsolicited physical contact
  • Shouting down or threatening speakers

Speakers are asked to frame discussions as openly and inclusively as possible and to be aware of how language or images may be perceived by others. Attendees may exercise their option to leave a session or a conversation.

All attendees are expected to follow these guidelines in all event venues, including online venues, and at conference social events. Attendees asked to stop a hostile or harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

Please report any physical assault or threats to the local police department.

[Expectations regarding comportment at events adapted from the guidelines of the American Library Association, as used by Modern Language Association for the purposes of setting expectations for Appropriate Conduct at the MLA Annual Convention. Statement adopted by PAMLA Executive Committee May 2021]