PAMLA 2023 Conference Artwork: Michaela Prohov

PAMLA is excited to share our PAMLA 2023 Conference Art commissioned from California artist Michaela Prohov, a piece entitled “Shifting Perspectives.” We are happy to announce her artwork is featured on all sorts of products at our merch store, which also includes products with the donated artworks of Frank Quitely (PAMLA 2019), Nanette Hilton (PAMLA 2021), and Faye Kwan (PAMLA 2022) from our previous conferences.

The 2023 PAMLA Conference theme, “Shifting Perspectives,” is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’s literature, which engages in surprising reversals, destabilizing any unitary perspective while nurturing instead complex and compelling histories, puzzles, and interpretations. “Shifting Perspectives,” the official PAMLA 2023 artwork by Michaela Prohov, explores, as Prohov explains, “how our minds and bodies are made up of boundless shapes and possibilities. Our shifts in perspective and desire to discover who we are gives us a chance to build new structures in familiar places. Our desire to explore the minds of those around us offers us a chance to bridge vast ideas and concepts on our path toward birthing a shared, if multifaceted, vision,” a better vision of ourselves, our society, and the world.

You can purchase t-shirts, hats, masks, shower curtains, leggings, and a large variety of other PAMLA merchandise with the PAMLA “Shifting Perspectives” image by Michaela Prohov.

Michaela Prohov is an artist from Los Angeles who enjoys exploring the inner and outer worlds of beings, including herself, through the process of creating. She uses many artistic media, but her favorites so far are paint, wood, ceramics, and digital. Her main mission is to unwrap concepts and philosophies that tie humans together by using imagery, shapes, and lines. Through this process, she is able to understand her own world and find shared connections within us all.