PAMLA invites all of its conference attendees to join us for one of the virtual highlights of this year’s PAMLA Conference: the PAMLA 2021 Forum! This year’s forum, “How Stories Take Place: Narrative, Community, and Spatial Imagination” is scheduled for Sunday, November 14 (12:20 PM – 2:20 PM PST) on our Whova platform!

Our 2021 PAMLA Virtual Forum will explore the connections between imagined, shared, and lived sites and spaces and the communities — virtual or historical — embedded there. How do we “claim” a space for ourselves and our neighbors? How do we evoke its past and imagine its future possibilities? As we survey Las Vegas at our conference this year, and Los Angeles at our 2022 conference (“Cities of God, Cities of Destruction”), both up close and at a distance, we might also ask what we can expect from our contemporary urban areas and how these contingent, overdetermined communities might be remembered over time. Please join panelists Gustavo Arellano (Los Angeles Times), Greg Borenstein (Riot Games), Mark Hall-Patton (Clark County Museums), Claytee White (UNLV Libraries), and PAMLA Vice President Jeremiah Axelrod (Occidental College), for our virtual Forum.

For more information on the event, visit our schedule, too (!