PAMLA Merch is back, friends! We are so excited to share these fantastic artistic donations with our community, in the form of cool t-shirts, dad hats, phone cases, mugs, and even (if we may be so bold), home decor accoutrements, including printer posters, clocks, shower curtains, and coasters. Move over IKEA, PAMLA Merch is here to save the day.

All jokes aside, all of the proceeds from our PAMLA merchandise goes directly back into the organization, allowing for the funding of the annual conferences, scholarships and grants, and staff. We are so thankful to all of the excellent donors who have already made their mark on our organization with their magnanimity and kindness, and we hope to offer a bit of a treat to our community with our merch store.

Once again, we are all so incredibly humbled by the artists who have donated their original artwork to our organization! Hundreds of rounds of applause are in order.

First, we’d like to thank Glasgow-based comics artist, Frank Quitely (New X-Men, We3, All-Star Superman, Batman and Robin, The Authority, Jupiter’s Legacy), for donating his original portrait, The Kelvinhall Clown, to our 117th annual conference to celebrate our 2019 special conference theme, “Send In the Clowns.” We sold approximately 220+ t-shirts at our 2019 conference in San Diego, CA, and we wanted to offer our members another chance at getting their hands on a one of a kind Quitely original! We cannot thank you enough for the portrait: cheers Frank!

Second, we’d like to offer our gratitude to Nanette Hilton (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) for her beautiful illustration, “Las Vegas: City of God, City of Destruction,” which she donated for our 118th annual conference. Nanette’s work specifically ties together the physical site of our conference (Las Vegas, Nevada) and the 2021 conference theme of “City of God, City of Destruction.” Thank you so very much for this wonderful illustration, Nanette. We are very excited to be able to share her work to all of our participants, in-person and virtually!

You can find our store at our Redbubble shop (, and if you have any questions about the PAMLA Merch store, email us at [email protected] and [email protected]. More artwork and designs will be coming soon, including the lovable mascot of PAMLA, Dr. Pampy, a Craig Svonkin original, so stay tuned!