pamla auxiliary council(2)

What is PAMLA’s Auxiliary Council?

The new PAMLA Auxiliary Council, open to all PAMLA members in good standing, will supplement the PAMLA Executive Committee, making for a second tier of PAMLA support and insight without expanding the board itself. While the Auxiliary Council will have no official voting power, it will serve important functions such as advising the PAMLA board on important matters and assisting PAMLA’s Executive Director, Assistant Director, and board members to fulfill their duties. The council will meet at least once a year via Zoom or in-person, as well as intermittently via email.

The Auxiliary Council is designed to assist PAMLA’s President, Executive Director, and Executive Committee with various duties, as well as remaining available for consultation on specific PAMLA matters. Members of the Auxiliary Council will be invited to serve on various PAMLA subcommittees on a case by case basis. They might be invited to: chair conference sessions; help with conference registration; help with the taping of conference sessions or with conference photography; help develop a PAMLA podcast series or PAMLA virtual event; help with the PAMLA Undergraduate Forum; or judge an award for the best undergraduate essay.

At the annual Auxiliary Council meeting, topics of discussion might include possible PAMLA changes or innovations. The Auxiliary Council will help identify those willing to work for the organization, offering newer scholars a place to get involved and volunteer, and seasoned PAMLA scholars a place to engage with the organization and mentor newer scholars.

The Auxiliary Council will therefore help make PAMLA into an even more welcoming and vibrant community. If you are interested in joining the PAMLA Auxiliary Council, please email PAMLA Executive Director Craig Svonkin to have your name and email added: [email protected]. Feel free to call Craig Svonkin if you have questions about serving on the PAMLA Auxiliary Council: 626-354-7526.