PAMLA Undergraduate Forum 2023

PAMLA isn’t just for professors, independent scholars, and graduate students!

Do you want to encourage your students to invest in academia? Then recommend the PAMLA Undergraduate Forum!

Do you know of a bright, serious undergraduate?

If so, please tell them about the 2023 PAMLA Conference (Oct. 26-29, 2023), and recommend that they apply to the PAMLA Undergraduate Forum, a special roundtable panel for undergraduates to develop and present their scholarship on a wide variety of humanities topics. Accepted presenters will receive one-on-one consultation, revision, and preparation mentoring from a graduate student prior to the conference in Portland!

You can propose here:

Feel free to email PAMLA Graduate Student Representative Russell McDermott ([email protected]) or PAMLA Executive Director Craig Svonkin ([email protected]) with any questions.