PAMLA @ MLA 2023 Convention

PAMLA will be at MLA 2023!

If you are attending this year’s MLA Conference in San Francisco, please try to join us for two sessions created by PAMLA: “Rethinking the Humanities Conference with the Regional MLAs,” on Friday, January 6, at 3:30 pm in Moscone West-3009, which will feature leadership from PAMLA and our regional MLA friends. We will be showcasing another session this  year, too, entitled “Shifting Perspectives,” which will preview the special theme for PAMLA’s 2023 conference in Portland. “Shifting Perspectives” will take place on Sunday, January 8, at noon in Moscone West-2002, and will feature PAMLA members including PAMLA President Yolanda Doub (California State University, Fresno).

Rethinking the Humanities Conference with the Regional MLAs – MLA 2023

Shifting Perspectives – MLA 2023

Please come by and join us, if you can, for these two interesting PAMLA-organized sessions. We now have our two sessions scheduled. PAMLA has two sessions we helped, with our friends in PAMLA and in NEMLA, SAMLA, and MMLA, to create. We hope you all can attend both sessions, and please share information about our sessions with your friends and colleagues who might be at the MLA this year. And if any of you are in other MLA sessions, please let us all know.