PAMLA 2023 Membership

PAMLA is pleased to usher in a New Year with our members and our broader community! Happy 2023! With a new year comes a new annual conference to attend, which will be held in Portland, OR between October 26-29! We also want to remind our community that General Membership for 2023 is now open. To join, you can visit our PAMLA Ballast link and login. From there, click on Registration and choose your desired membership for the year. Not only do you get to attend this year’s exciting conference in Portland, but all members receive two issues of the Pacific Coast Philology as well as access to the journal’s back catalogue.

If you have already joined for this year, we thank you greatly! This is also the time of the year we remind our wonderful members that our conference is funded exclusively by donations from grassroots funding from our community members. Unlike many academic organizations that are funded by a university, PAMLA is an entirely non-profit organization. If you would like to support our conference, scholarship funds, and PAMLA staff, do consider donating to one of our many funds. We truly appreciate the generosity of our PAMLA members: without donations, we would not be in operation today.