PAMLA is pleased to announce that our annual conference graduate student scholarship application system is now open for submissions. From now until August 10th, PAMLA graduate student members joining this year’s conference (with an accepted abstract) are eligible to apply for the Graduate Student Scholarship and the German Studies Grant. Both applications can be found in our Scholarship tab at the top of the page of our Conference Portal, and you can also find out more information in our Awards tab here on our main site.

We also want to thank all of our kind members who have donated to our PAMLA General Fund and Scholarship Funds, especially throughout the 2020-2021 year. During these fraught times, our community and organization have continued to endure and serve one another primarily through the magnanimity and generosity of every single donating member, further funding all our scholarships and organization expenses. Cheers to you all!

Should you wish to Donate to the PAMLA Scholarship Fund or PAMLA General Fund, you can do so by Logging in here and Clicking on Donation: