PAMLA 2021 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Due to the global pandemic, PAMLA 2020 was postponed to November 2021. As a result, many members have asked questions about this year’s PAMLA conference in Las Vegas, NV (Nov. 11-14th). Below we have answered the top ten FAQs, divided between conference specific and general questions. Of course, we must state that answers to these questions are based on the current situation and our own organization’s timeline, but as with all organizations enduring the lasting effects of the pandemic, we promise that we will put our members’ well-being first above all other considerations.

Please reach out to Executive Director Craig Svonkin ( and/or Assistant Director David John Boyd ( for any other questions or concerns.

PAMLA 2021 Conference Questions

1.) Will the PAMLA 2021 Conference be held in-person or virtually?

Both! This is a first for our organization; we are very excited to offer this hybrid option for our multinational and diverse community of students, scholars, educators, and artists. We are nicknaming this option The PAMLA 2021 Daily Double: The Best of Both Worlds! While all sessions will be either in-person or virtual (not both), we do hope that members participating in virtual sessions will consider joining us in-person at the Sahara in Las Vegas.

For our in-person attendees, note that more information will be posted soon on our conference page, especially regarding accommodations and parking. For our virtual attendees, we will be offering more information about our virtual services and suggested virtual etiquette.

2.) If I already submitted a special session or abstract for the PAMLA 2020 conference, do I have to do so again? Have these sessions disappeared or changed?

You do not have to resubmit anything. We kept each session and paper proposal in our online platform so that they would not be affected by our postponement. These sessions (along with the conference theme) remain the same.

3.) How do I propose an abstract for an in-person or virtual session? How do I know which one is which?

You may search our list of approved sessions at our CFP link. All sessions are marked as “In-Person” or “Virtual.” Use our search bar at the top right of the page to search for keywords like “virtual.”

Note: Presiding officers of virtual sessions will reach out to anyone who has applied to a virtual session after April 15. This is also the case for presiding officers of in-person sessions.

4.) There are not any virtual sessions that interest me. Can I request to submit my own?

Indeed, you can! The extended deadline for special session proposals is February 15. When deciding on your session proposal, remember to first look through our session list here to make sure that you are not submitting a duplicate of an already established session (General or Special).

Do keep checking back to our CFP page as more and more virtual sessions are becoming available.

5.) When is the conference? Are there different dates for the in-person and virtual sessions?

The in-person conference will take place between November 11-14, 2021. We are currently working with our virtual service providers to establish a firm date for the virtual sessions. The virtual portion of the conference is likely to be held on Sunday, November 14th, or the weekend after that, should that become necessary. We will know the exact date for our virtual sessions by July.

PAMLA 2021 General Questions

1.) May I submit a paper proposal to multiple sessions?

Yes, you can! We suggest submitting to no more than three panels across our session list. If you are accepted, do note that you will only be able to participate in a one traditional panel (and perhaps a roundtable or workshop). Members of PAMLA can present one traditional panel paper at the conference, and chair one session; or, if they are not presenting a paper, they may chair two sessions. In addition to delivering one paper as part of a traditional paper panel, members may also present on a Roundtable, as part of a Workshop (there are no limits on how many Workshops a person may register to take), or as part of a Creative Conversation or Special Event.

2.) Do I have to be a PAMLA member to submit an abstract or special session proposal?

No, you do not! However, if your paper or session proposal is accepted, you will need to join PAMLA (pay membership) and pay the conference fees. Visit the membership page for more information about the benefits of joining our esteemed community. Deadlines for membership are also listed here.

3.) Do I have to pay both conference and membership fees (even if I am choosing a virtual session)?

If you are attending either/or both versions of our conference (in-person or virtual), you still need to pay both your membership and conference fees. Our dues breakdown can be found here.

Note: when registering for our conference through our online portal, click Registration at the top of the page. This is where payment options and dues amounts will appear.

4.) What are the most important deadlines to remember?

Members (or prospective members) may want to take a gander at our deadline list at the bottom of our conference page. Deadlines are subject to change, but will always be updated at the conference page.

5.) May I present a paper while chairing a session?

PAMLA rules allow members to present one paper in a traditional panel and chair a separate panel. For more information, we suggest that you visit our general policies page.