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PAMLA Member Matthew Warshawsky Publishes Two New Essays

In 2009 PAMLA member Matthew Warshawsky published "Catholic, Jewish, and Crypto Jewish in the 1600s: The Geographic and Spiritual Peregrinations of Juan Pacheco de León in Spain, Italy and Mexico" in the Journal of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian Crypto Jews,volume 1, (March 2009), 100-115; and "Secret Histories Exposed: the Recovery of Crypto-Jewish Identity in Modern Latin American Theater" in Pacific Coast Philology, volume 44, number 1 (fall 2009), 17-33. 

PAMLA Member Lila Marz Harper's New Edition of Flatland Published

Lila Marz Harper has published an edition of Edwin Abbott's 1884 Flatland with Broadview Press. This edition provides context for the book's references to Victorian culture and religion, mathematical history, and the history of philosophy. Details of the contents can be found at:

PAMLA Member Alberto Gabriele's New Book Published

PAMLA member Alberto Gabriele’s book Reading Popular Culture in Victorian Print: Belgravia and Sensationalism has just been published to glowing reviews:

PAMLA Master 2009-2010 Calendar

We now have a master 2009-2010 PAMLA Calendar online, available by clicking on the "Calendar" link on the left side of the PAMLA front-page, or through this link:

Email Executive Director Craig Svonkin with any questions about the calendar:

2010 Conference Dates and Special Session Proposals

PAMLA will host its 108th Annual Conference on Saturday and Sunday, November 13-14, 2010, at Chaminade University, Honolulu, Hawaii. Please save the date.  This is certain to be one of PAMLA's most beautiful conference sites ever.
Interested PAMLA members may propose special sessions on specific topics by December 15, 2009.

2009-2010 Officers Announced

Congratulations to Roswitha Burwick (Scripps College) and Jeffrey Gray (Seton Hall University), who were each elected to the Executive Committee for three-year terms (to expire in 2012), and to Ana María Rodríguez-Vivaldi (Washington State University), who was elected Second Vice-President. Thierry Boucquey (Scripps College) will become President, and Sabine Wilke (University of Washington) will become First Vice-President.  For more information about the officers and Executive Committee, please visit the Officers page.

Final PAMLA 2009 Conference Schedule

Dear PAMLA Members, 

Our final conference schedule and program for the 2009 PAMLA Conference at San Francisco State University is now ready for your viewing-pleasure.  In order to view it, go to

Tentative PAMLA 2009 Conference Schedule

Dear PAMLA Conference Participants,

Our tentative PAMLA conference schedule and program is now ready for your viewing-pleasure.  In order to view it, go to

2009 Elections Now Underway

It is once again time to conduct our annual elections for new PAMLA Officers.

In November, the terms of two of our Executive Committee members will expire: Andrew Fleck of San Jose State University and Heidi Schlipphacke of Old Dominion University will be stepping down from the Executive Committee. The Nominations Committee would like to express our sincere gratitude for their excellent service. We are fielding four candidates for the two Executive Committee slots that will be vacated. The length of term for both slots is three years. Please vote for two of the candidates.