113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rethinking/Retheorizing Video Games I

Session Chair: 
Daniel Ante-Contreras, MiraCosta College
Session 11: Sunday 10:20-11:50am
Rogue (PMCC)


  1. Sarah Lozier, University of California, Riverside
    Strange Rain turns the player’s iDevice into a playable skylight. By tapping or dragging out different rhythms with her fingers, the user can “play” this skylight to produce strangely layered atmospheric events that eventually render the line separating the virtual from the material entirely permeable, particularly where that line intersects techno-ideological codes structuring our contemporary moment. 
  2. Raymond H. J. Rim, University of California, Riverside
    Online gaming communities offer a space for more egalitarian human connections. Since the gaming community exists primarily within a capitalist system, developing global gaming communities take on pre-existing ideologies and frameworks, producing and pairing neoliberal and hyper-masculinized subjects from various democratic countries. Instead of democratic values, patriarchal and neoliberal models emerge.
  3. Mary Michael, University of California - Riverside
    This project investigates how issues of exploration and colonization of space have appeared in video games, moving from settings of natural-looking spaces to those of more digitized environments. The project specifically examines Hack ‘n’ Slash, a game that promotes itself as providing increased player control through code manipulation within a typical hack-and-slash genre narrative. 
Session Cancelled: