113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

New Italians: Perspectives on Multicultural Italy I

Session Chair: 
Elena Dalla Torre, Saint Louis University
Session 9: Saturday 3:35-5:05pm
Winery (PMCC)


  1. Kevin Regan-Maglione, University of Oregon
    This paper attempts to examine how the text Princesa (1994) is a testimonial novel in its autobiographical approach. The novel was constructed by three different voices in three different languages and the act of translating oneself from memory to novel will be considered through geographical movements.
  2. Ariel Shannon, University of San Francisco
    France and Algeria have, until recently, shared a privileged relationship that bore all the markings of the relation passionnelle. Gradually, however, Italy was inserted into this duality, from a temporary background to Franco-Algerian dramas, to a grudging participant in a ménage à trois. I shall seek to illustrate this transition through the analysis of a striking literary example of this triangulation: Scontro di civiltà per un ascensore a Piazza Vittorio.
  3. Christopher Atwood, Northwestern University
    This paper analyzes the figure of the migrant in contemporary queer fiction, examining Franco Buffoni’s novel Zamel (2009) and the same author’s collection of poems Noi e loro (2008). In both texts, the “extracomunitario” is the central metaphor through which the queer Italian subject narrates his alienation.
  4. Maristella Cantini, Madison College
    Il film racconta la storia di due immigrati lui egiziano e lei bosniaca che si incontrano per caso. L'arrivo in Italia per entrambi ha significato la sopravvivenza fisica, ma ha stravolto il mondo affettivo dei due protagonisti. Genere e identita' perdono i loro contorni nitidi e come la loro linguia, vengono tradotti e adattati ad una societa' complessa e claustrofobica.   Genere e identita'
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