113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

Italian Cinema II

Session Chair: 
Fulvio Orsitto, Georgetown University
Session 12: Sunday 12:10-1:40pm
Winery (PMCC)
Topic Area: 


  1. Monica Facchini, Colgate University
    In my paper I investigate the metaphor of journey in Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty, by analyzing the role of death as an epiphanic moment in the life of the protagonist, Jep Gambardella. To do that, I analyze the formal elements of the film and the intersections with religious symbolism and psychoanalysis.
  2. Elena Dalla Torre, Saint Louis University
    The film Riparo (2007) by Marco Simon Puccioni narrates the cohabitation between a lesbian couple in crisis and an illegal immigrant who has been given shelter by the two women. My paper argues that the movie complicates the notion of hospitality by presenting it as a bond of dependence and disavowal. Sheltering the immigrant eventually foregrounds both the precariousness of the immgrant and that of the queer couple. Shelter is ultimately a metaphor for the uneasy relatioship between Italian society and its Others.
  3. Tina Pugliese, University of Colorado at Boulder
    In my presentation I will analyze Paolo Sorrentino’s La Grande Bellezza by sketching a comparative analysis, which takes in consideration the relationship between cinema and other visual arts such as music, architecture, sculpture, painting and above all literature.
  4. Claudia Peralta, Boise State University
    In this presentation I will juxtapose and discuss two Italian documentaries that deal with migration and multiculturalism: "One Way, A Touareg Journey" (2010) by Fabio Caramaschi, and "Bride's Side" (2014) by Khaled Soliman AL Nssiry, Antonio Augugliaro and Gabriele Del Grande.
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