113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

Italian Cinema I

Session Chair: 
Gloria Pastorino, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Session 11: Sunday 10:20-11:50am
Winery (PMCC)
Topic Area: 


  1. Enrico Vettore, California State University, Long Beach
    In questo saggio sostengo che, in Medea, Pasolini ha raccontato il percorso psicologico della protagonista come un ‘processo d’individuazione’ (il processo attraverso cui si diventa sé stessi) quale lo aveva concepito lo psicologo Carl Gustav Jung. Pasolini ha illustrato visivamente questo processo, seguendo Jung, usando il simbolismo del procedimento alchemico.
  2. Federico Pacchioni, Chapman University
    This paper focuses on films realized in part or entirely through the use of marionettes. The films selected, most of which have strong ties to Italian puppetry traditions, show how the puppet theater and cinema intersected at different points in history and within different national contexts. The analysis reveals the important function that puppetry plays within the medium of cinema and sheds light on its present and future role in hyper-realistic CG animation. The presentation is in Italian.
  3. Elisa Saturno Paasche, Portland State University
    Salvo is a silent film about mafia and yet the story of two human beings, their souls and their transformation. Made of sound, a dense atmosphere and barely any dialogue the movie explores the visible and invisible dimension of the encounter/miracle of two lives lost in their non-existence.  Does it represent a new way of portraying mafia or is it a new mafia itself that is being revealed through the eyes of the two characters of the movie? 
  4. Silvia Boero, Portland State University
    Con il Fiato Sospeso narrates the exploitation of young researchers at the University of Catania, and their eventual death due to hazardous chemicals. A true story, Quatriglio’s film confronts the viewers and mainly the institutions with the undesirable, the “other”, creating a work of great cultural and political value.
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