113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

Irony and Hipster Culture in Literature

Session Chair: 
Matthew James Bond, University of California, Riverside
Session 7: Saturday 10:20-11:50am
Rogue (PMCC)


  1. Karen Turman, Winona State University
    By examining the ironic focus on capitalistic values, public performance, and the self-conscious appropriation of a marginalized lifestyle, I will demonstrate how the bohemian artists of nineteenth-century Paris constituted a precursor for hipster culture today.
  2. Ryan D. Sullivan, University California, Riverside
    In this paper, I argue that Lana Del Rey has become a point of identification for a subset of contemporary queer poets because her ironic self-fashioning, critical appropriation of consumer expectations, and “failed” performance allow models for reprieve and identification for queer poets faced with an abstracting and alienating history of lyric reading.   
  3. Sawyer K Kemp, University of California, Davis
    By examining the persona of Jack Dapper from Middleton & Dekker’s The Roaring Girl, alongside contemporary discourses of digital fashion, selfies, and the #GPOY, I will explore how roaring boys toe the line between noble leisure and roguish idleness, putting both the upper-class and themselves at risk for social slippage. 
  4. Cooper Harriss, Indiana University Blooomington
    This paper examines elements of hipster culture in Russell Rathbun’s Post-Rapture Radio (2005), an ironic narrative that trains Kierkegaardan critique on the “Contemporary Christian Culture Complex” in order to problematize expectations of sincerity and authenticity in institutions whose own capacity for self-criticism are frequently compromised, yet upheld as virtuous.
Session Cancelled: