113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

Immigrant Transitions in Literature and Film

Session Chair: 
Ljiljana Coklin, University of California, Santa Barbara
Session 9: Saturday 3:35-5:05pm
Deschutes (PMCC)


  1. Daniel Wuebben, University of Nebraska at Omaha
    In this illustrated lecture I argue that Nikola Tesla's writing, for better or worse, also helped him to become one of the most poetic, misunderstood figures of twentieth and twenty-first century science fiction.
  2. Tesla Schaeffer, University of Washington
    This paper engages questions central to trauma and affect theories surrounding the belated processing of grief and its simultaneous circulation in public discourse through “survivor stories.” In reading the work of Chang-Rae Lee and Dave Eggers, I ultimately explore the extent to which stories that guarantee survival can also become the guarantors of subjective annihilation, and indeed may do so simultaneously.
  3. Christine Fernandez, CSU Monterey Bay
    This paper seeks the reevaluation of Ariel Dorfman’s political exile in his second memoir, Feeding on Dreams (2011) as a constant negotiation between what he recalls as personally and politically “familiar” spaces and cultures.
  4. Alexander Victor Lalama, Claremont Graduate University
    The domininant image of the superhero in American culture both empowers and ostracizes him/her; the use of the Latin@ immigrant-as-superhero gives a voice to this marginalized community while also imagining an alternate reality of Latin@ empowerment that is fantastical, but nonetheless possible.
Session Cancelled: