113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

Foreign Languages in General Education: Trends and Practices

Session Chair: 
Aili Zheng, Willamette University
Session 3: Friday 2:00-3:30pm
McKenzie (PMCC)


  1. Hans Rindisbacher, Pomona College
    My contribution takes the form of an Erfahrungsbericht of integrating German into various institutional and educational collaborations in the liberal arts context over the past two decades. Bearing in mind current national trends in foreign-language enrollments, I will suggest that finding suitable interdisciplinary partners may be a key step toward the continued relevance of foreign languages in undergraduate general education.
  2. Damian Bacich, San Jose State University
    As Chair of a World Languages Department at a large urban public university, I have witnessed the struggles surrounding General Education resulting from budgetary and policy pressures. In my presentation I will speak to some of the ways we are working to address the challenges of the present.
  3. Yolanda Doub, California State University, Fresno
    California’s large percentage of heritage Spanish speakers present a unique challenge for GE: how to offer meaningful language instruction to students across the spectrum without alienating any students along the proficiency continuum. This paper explores issues teaching GE Spanish in a setting with a significant percentage of heritage Spanish speakers who may lack formal grammar instruction.
Session Cancelled: