113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

English as a Second Language Studies I

Session Chair: 
Elena Polyudova, Defense Language Institute
Session 1: Friday 8:50-10:20am
Salon III (ET)


  1. Monika Fischer, University of Missouri
    The paper examines a course that applies creative writing principles for ESL learners who read and analyze a text of a minority writer in conjunction with writing their own story.
  2. Rita C Cavigioli, University of Missouri-Columbia
    Comic texts can be helpful in the development of language awareness because of their deconstructive use of both the literal and figurative levels of language. They add a further level of figuration and reverse logically founded and commonly shared conclusions. These linguistically and culturally subversive texts can be a useful component of language education. 
  3. Sonia Sharmin, University of Dhaka
    Teacher-led collaborative modellingin is a type of scaffholded instruction in which the teachers and learners compose and edit an academictext in a process that involves negotiation shared responsibility. This study examined  episodes of collaborating modelling of summaries,paraphrases and other text types in  university writing courses.  Teacher-led collaborative modelling appears to be a usefu linstructional strategy that supports learning processes by focusing simultaneously on process and pruduct components of academic writing.
Session Cancelled: