113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ecocriticism II (Co-sponsored by Association for the Study of Literature & Environment)

Session Chair: 
Taylor Eggan, Princeton University
Session 7: Saturday 10:20-11:50am
Skyline II (PH-ET)


  1. Austin Schauer, Oregon State University
    I aim to blend the ecocritical theories of Bruno Latour with Bakhtin’s theories of heteroglossia in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. I argue that its representations of geography conflate time and stratify it through geologic layers of rock and registers of language to shatter divisions between man and nature.
  2. Eleanor Byrne, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
    This paper will consider the challenge of conceptualizing the ceaseless, ubiquitous and disastrous production of waste as it impacts on Hawai'ian land and seascapes, and how this relates to broader Native Hawai’ian, philosophical and critical concerns with 'Eco-catastrophe' in current decontructive ecocriticism, as a challenge to post-global thinking. 
  3. Danielle Crawford, University of California, Santa Cruz
    This paper examines the gender politics of storm naming in George Stewart’s Storm (1941), a novel which contributed to the past practice of giving tropical storms solely female names.Through a reading of Storm, this paper explores the larger implications of feminized storms in an increasingly militarized Pacific Rim. I argue that this 1941 novel highlights the key roles of gender, militarism, and naming during a time in which the U.S. military first became involved in the Pacific theater of WWII. 
  4. Katja Jylkka, University of California at Davis
    I argue that, in his novel Animal's People, Indra Sinha’s posthuman subversions of the magical realist literary mode reveal its inadequacy to represent and resolve the slow violence and damage of postcolonial and neocolonial actions on the environment.
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