113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

Coalitional Feminisms

Session Chair: 
Melanie Hernandez, California State University, Fresno
Session 12: Sunday 12:10-1:40pm
Salon III (ET)


  1. Ximena Keogh, University of Colorado, Boulder
    This paper will examine the forms of coalitional activism employed by the Undocuqueer Movement. Through an analysis of their textual and visual forms of self-mapping onto the public imaginary, I seek to show how their activism proposes alternative modes of belonging and historical inclusion, as speared by third world feminism theories and methodologies. 
  2. Bethany Qualls, "University of California, Davis"
    Chester Brown’s Paying for It: A comic-strip memoir about being a john (2011) provides a contemporary lens through which to examine both current theorizing and past feminist rhetoric surrounding prostitution, sex work, and agency. I argue that genre-bending works such as Brown’s represent another voice in feminist coalition building, underlining potential new methods of representation.
  3. Natalia Barcy, California State University East Bay
    This essay will focus on the female experience in Men We Reaped.  Ward demonstrates how women’s perception of reality is constructed by social and political surroundings. Through her quest to find answers about men, she finds answers about herself. Ward suggests a new sense of identity as a Black woman.
Session Cancelled: