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Long-time PAMLA Member Roswitha Burwick's New Revised Fairy Tale Collection

Congratulations to Roswitha Burwick on the publication of her exciting new revisionary fairy tale collection:

Merry Sorrows (Un)Happy Endings: Fairy Tales For Our Times (Ed. Roswitha Burwick, et al.)

For hundreds of years, from fairy tale to fairy tale, storytellers have told and retold tales that address the dangers and joys of their lives. Many of the beloved classical fairy tales, however, have become outmoded and reflect denigrating patriarchal views.

Congratulations to PAMLA Member Catherine Cucinella on Her New Book

Congratulations to PAMLA member Catherine Cucinella on the publication of her celebrated new book, Poetics of the Body: Edna St. Vincent Millay, Elizabeth Bishop, Marilyn Chin, and Marilyn Hacker (Palgrave, 2010).

CFP: Gender and Space in Britain

The editors of Gender and Space in Britain, 1660-1820 seek essays that identify, delineate, and explore new cartographies— geographic and metaphoric—of gender in literature authored by British women between 1660 and 1820.

Stanley Orr's Important New Book on American Crime Fiction and Film

Stanley Orr, professor of English at the University of Hawai'i, West O 'ahu, and longtime PAMLA member and current PAMLA Executive Committee member, has published a ground-breaking new work on American crime fiction and film:

Darkly Perfect World: Colonial Adventure, Postmodernism, and American Noir

PAMLA Member John Hill Publishes New Works on Beowulf

PAMLA Member John Hill has published a new work on Beowulf:

The Narrative Pulse of Beowulf: Arrivals and Departures. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2008).

PAMLA Member Susan Morgan's New Book Selected for Recognition by the ALA

PAMLA member Susan Morgan has two exciting announcements. First, her cultural biography, Bombay Anna: The Real Story and Remarkable Adventures of the King and I Governess (University of California Press, 2008), was selected by the American Library Association (ALA) for their list of "The Best of the Best from the University Presses" for 2009.

Additionally, a second, expanded and significantly revised, edition of Bombay Anna is being published by Silkworm Books in Thailand in January 2010. Congratulations Susan!

PAMLA Member G.H. Hertling's Fascinating New Memoir

Longtime PAMLA member and former PAMLA president Gunter H. Hertling has published Hard Times: My Youth under National Socialism (and Beyond) 1935-1947. (Haag + Herchen: Frankfurt a.M., 2008; published in English).

PAMLA Member Jeremiah B.C. Axelrod's New Book Published

PAMLA member Jeremiah B.C. Axelrod is proud to announce the recent publication of his book, Inventing Autopia: Dreams  and Visions of the Modern Metropolis in Jazz Age Los Angeles (2009), by the University of California Press.

PAMLA Member Kevin Hutchings's New Publications and CD

PAMLA member Kevin Hutchings produced a new monograph, a new co-edited collection, and a new CD in 2009: 

Romantic Ecologies and Colonial Cultures in the British Atlantic World, 1770-1850.
Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2009.

PAMLA Member Frances Smith Foster's Three New Books

PAMLA member Frances Smith Foster has three new books to announce.   First, a monograph, "'Til Death or Distance Do Us Part": Love and Marriage in African America, from Oxford University Press, 2010.