Dues Chart

2019 Membership & Conference Rates

You may now rejoin PAMLA for the 2019 year, but you will first need to Create a New User Account at our new PAMLA/BallastAcademic site (unless you've already done so in the last few months): https://pamla.ballastacademic.com

Once you've created a new user account at https://pamla.ballastacademic.com, click on the Registration & Membership tab, and then you'll be able to pay for your 2019 PAMLA membership, pay the 2019 PAMLA Conference fees, make a donation to the PAMLA Scholarship Fund, pay to join us for a luncheon, and make reservations for some of our complimentary PAMLA events.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact Craig Svonkin at director@pamla.org or svonkin@gmail.com or 626-354-7526. 

You may make a donation to our Graduate Student Scholarship Fund via the online payment system.

The online system for paying your 2019 dues and conference fees is now available. Please see How to Join for more information.

Membership Type

2019 PAMLA Membership Dues

(Required, alongside conference registration fee, for participation in conference)

2019 Conference Registration Fee

Regular (Tenure-track faculty, Librarian, Administrator, Independent Scholars) $50

Early Bird $105
$115 after July 15
$125 after Oct. 1

Lecturer (full-time faculty, non-tenure track) $30 Early Bird $90
$100 after July 15
$110 after Oct. 1
Emeritus/Retired $25 Early Bird $55
$65 after July 15
$75 after Oct. 1
Part-time Faculty $25

Early Bird $55
$65 after July 15
$75 after Oct. 1

Student $25

Early Bird $55
$65 after July 15 
$75 after Oct. 1 

Lifelong Membership

$450 (mail-in option only)

PAMLA c/o Dr. Craig Svonkin
MSU Denver
English Dept,
Campus Box 32
P.O. Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217

Pay according to your employment status

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