114th Annual Conference - Pasadena, California
Friday, November 11 - Sunday, November 13, 2016

Call for Papers: Session Topics

Regular Proposal Deadline: June 10th, 2016

Extended Proposal Deadline: July 1st, 2016

While many of the conference sessions are now closed for submissions, some sessions will be joining the extended proposal period, and will be accepting proposals until July 1, 2016.

Please review the Guidelines and Procedures before submitting a proposal. In particular, please note:

  • Members may only deliver one paper at the conference. You may submit more than one proposal, but as soon as you accept an invitation, you must inform the organizers of the other sessions that you are no longer eligible to present in their sessions.
  • Papers may not be read in absentia.
  • Participation in the conference requires payment of PAMLA 2016 membership dues by July 15 and the separate conference registration fee by October 1. A combined membership/conference fee is available for convenience, and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this option by July 15.

How to Submit

Submit proposals to any open topic area using the Online Proposal Submission Form. You will need to register and login to access the form (if you created an account last year, you can use it again; if you forgot your username or password, visit the Password Recovery page).


Questions about a specific session or topic area should be directed to the Presiding Officer listed below. Use these addresses for questions only. Proposals should be submitted using the online form. Completing the form will send an email to the Presiding Officer as well as gather other information we need to construct the conference program.

General inquiries about PAMLA or the conference may be directed to the Executive Director Craig Svonkin at svonkin@netzero.com.

Questions regarding the website or the submission form may be directed to the Webmaster at webmaster@pamla.org.

Closed (not accepting submissions)

Title Presiding Officer Session Type
21st Century Literature jschwetm@d.umn.edu Special Session
Adaptation Studies ydoub@mail.fresnostate.edu Standing Session
African American Literature jjenkins@palomar.edu Standing Session
American Literature after 1865 rhishmeh@palomar.edu Standing Session
American Literature before 1865 julianakubicki@gmail.com Standing Session
American Queerness after 1945 gopalmer@cpp.edu Special Session
Architecture, Space, and Literature ss1kay@gmail.com Standing Session
Archival Los Angeles, a Roundtable: Research Pathways at the Huntington, the Getty, the Clark, and USC Special Collections kldickson@cpp.edu Special Session
Archives and the Artist Book mark.oconnor@sru.edu Special Session
Asian Literature kimx1337@umn.edu Standing Session
Asian/American Literary & Cultural Studies traise.yamamoto@ucr.edu Standing Session
Austrian Studies pauljosephbuchholz@gmail.com Standing Session
Autobiography heflin@iup.edu Standing Session
Back from the Dead: Language Revival as Archive, Memory, and Identity Katherine.Billotte@ccaurora.edu Special Session
Beyond the Children's Paper Book mcdermott.russell@gmail.com Special Session
Beyond the Museum: Representations of Visual Art in Film and Literary Narratives mgeiger@csusm.edu Special Session
Beyond the Spine: Experimental Poetics and Form does@msudenver.edu Special Session
Beyond the Spine: Experimental Poetics and Form tameca.coleman@gmail.com Special Session
Bible in Literature ljkoff@aol.com Special Session
Borges' Library: Fictional Configurations of Totality Today eunha.choi.la@gmail.com Special Session
British Literature and Culture: 20th and 21st Century emily.schuck@cgu.edu Standing Session
British Literature and Culture: Long 18th Century awboyd@hiu.edu Standing Session
British Literature and Culture: Long 19th Century fusonw@ucr.edu Standing Session
British Literature and Culture: To 1700 shinea@uci.edu Standing Session
Children's Literature svonkin@netzero.com Standing Session
Cities in Modern German Literature and Film triest@uw.edu Special Session
Civic Engagement and the Languages purd6219@pacificu.edu Special Session
Classical Encounters in Early America duquesme@gmail.com Special Session
Classical Encounters in Early America adam.goldwyn@ndsu.edu Special Session
Classics (Greek) jweiner@hamilton.edu Standing Session
Classics (Latin) tim.watson@csun.edu Standing Session
Classics (Reception) efinkelp@scrippscollege.edu Special Session
Coalitional Feminisms melanieh@csufresno.edu Special Session
Comics and Graphic Narratives samuel.hartwell.johnson@gmail.com Standing Session
Comparative American Ethnic Literature bseidman@linfield.edu Standing Session
Comparative Literature alessiajm14@gmail.com Standing Session
Comparative Literature csheehan191@gmail.com Standing Session
Comparative Media slozi001@ucr.edu Standing Session
Competing Visions of Place dbcrawfo@ucsc.edu Special Session
Competing Visions of Place khisatak@ucsc.edu Special Session
Composition and Rhetoric erawson@usc.edu Standing Session
Creative Writing: A Shimmer of Possibility: Short Fiction and the Question of Closure jbernste@d.umn.edu Standing Session
Creative Writing: Poetry and Sonnets and Centos, Oh Boy! rudermar@msudenver.edu Standing Session
Critical Theory afh13@psu.edu Standing Session
Critical Theory ssenk@csum.edu Standing Session
Disabilities in American Literature geriguis@chapman.edu Special Session
Disney and Its Worlds axelrod@oxy.edu Standing Session
Diversifying the Classics: Bringing the Hispanic Golden Age to the Los Angeles Community martaa@cpp.edu Special Session
Down and Out: Narrativizing Poverty and Homelessness swafford@bradley.edu Special Session
Drama and Society kimberly.jew@utah.edu Special Session
Drinking from the River of Mnemosyne: Memoire, Truth, and Rhetoric lauraana@usc.edu Special Session
East-West Literary Relations mike.sugimoto@pepperdine.edu Standing Session
Ecocriticism (co-sponsored by Association for the Study of Literature & Environment) skunde@uci.edu Standing Session
Ecocriticism (co-sponsored by Association for the Study of Literature & Environment) tegeier@ucdavis.edu Standing Session
Ekphrasis: Classical, Modern and Post-Modern diana.shaffer@tx.rr.com Special Session
English as a Second Language Studies Epolyudova@gmail.com Special Session
Film and Literature Dawn.Dietrich@wwu.edu Standing Session
Film Studies aubreyj@msudenver.edu Standing Session
Film, Knowledge, & Memory ahowe@lasierra.edu Special Session
Folklore and Mythology jjthomps@calpoly.edu Standing Session
Food Studies yhuang@uoregon.edu Standing Session
Franz Kafka and the Kafkaesque agogrof@gmail.com Special Session
French emcefalo@umd.edu Standing Session
Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Literature and Culture ec10@uw.edu Standing Session
Gender and Sexuality Studies rbatema@exchange.calstatela.edu Special Session
General Conference Events svonkin@netzero.com General Event
Germanic Studies Friederike.vonSchwerin-High@pomona.edu Standing Session
Global Movements: Interdisciplinary Investigations lcoklin@writing.ucsb.edu Special Session
Gothic drn2120@columbia.edu Standing Session
Hispanic Citizenships kldickson@cpp.edu Special Session
History of the Book amazuet@stanford.edu Special Session
Humanities in Crisis: A Roundtable Discussion mjaptok@palomar.edu Special Session
In Search of the Californio Archive covadonga.lamar@gmail.com Special Session
Indigenous Literatures and Cultures carteagao@gmail.com Standing Session
Italian enrico.vettore@csulb.edu Standing Session
Italian Cinema fo110@georgetown.edu Standing Session
Italian Ecocriticism tabussi@miamioh.edu Standing Session
Jewish Literature and Culture rennywriter@gmail.com Standing Session
Latina/o Literature and Culture mmoreno@greenriver.edu Standing Session
Librettology and Opera Studies enrico.orsingher@gmail.com Special Session
Linguistics axelrod@unm.edu Standing Session
Literary Property and "Character" in 19th Century American Culture mikasakuma@aol.com Special Session
Literature and Religion christina.mills8@gmail.com Standing Session
Literature and the Other Arts abloom@usc.edu Standing Session
Making the Los Angeles Review of Books amderosa@cpp.edu Special Session
Making, Distributing, Using, and Teaching Electronic Editions of Medieval and Early Modern Texts m.calabrese@roadrunner.com Special Session
Medieval Literature mruiz@sandiego.edu Standing Session
Mid-Twentieth Century Poetry (co-sponsored by the Robert Lowell Society) steven.axelrod@ucr.edu Standing Session
Middle English Literature, Including Chaucer andrea.denny-brown@ucr.edu Standing Session
Modern Technology in the Composition Classroom john@johnmisak.net Special Session
Nati Khel, or Game of Kin: India Film Screening and Q & A with Filmmakers aubreyj@msudenver.edu Special Session
New Pedagogies: Learning to Transgress kkstevens@hotmail.com Special Session
Nordic Literature and Culture erla.marteinsdottir@ucr.edu Standing Session
Novelistic California cedelson@chaminade.edu Special Session
Oceanic Literatures and Cultures mosesk@oxy.edu Standing Session
Old English Literature, Including Beowulf updegraffderek@gmail.com Standing Session
PAMLA Annual General Membership Meeting john.ganim@ucr.edu General Event
Permanent Ephemera: Travel Documents and Literature ncannon@umail.ucsb.edu Special Session
Philosophy, Ethics, and the Human jlu@calbaptist.edu Special Session
Place as Archive in 20th and 21st Century Literatures mcannella@nevada.unr.edu Special Session
Poetry and Poetics amy.robbins@hunter.cuny.edu Standing Session
Poetry in (Digital) Process: A Poetry Reading and Publishing Discussion with Pomona Valley Review rleack@gmail.com Special Session
Postcolonial Literature weihsin.gui@ucr.edu Standing Session
Psychoanalysis as an American Frontier: What Freud Discovered endofuhito@gmail.com Special Session
Queering Terror gibbonss@uw.edu Special Session
Religion in American Literature hapark1@gmail.com Special Session
Rhetorical Approaches to Literature kristin_brunnemer@msn.com Standing Session
Romanticism chichester@humnet.ucla.edu Standing Session
Science Fiction matthew.snyder@ucr.edu Standing Session
Secrets and Transparency in Global Literature, Film and Culture karin.bauer@mcgill.ca Special Session
Shakespeare and Related Topics deborah.willis@ucr.edu Standing Session
Silence in Oral Narratives Megmardian@gmail.com Special Session
Spain, Portugal, and Latin America: Jewish Culture and Literature in Trans-Iberia jorge.galindo@unlv.edu Standing Session
Spanish and Portuguese (Latin American) lapplegate@mail.sdsu.edu Standing Session
Spanish and Portuguese (Peninsular) nicolemarielb@yahoo.com Standing Session
Straight Out of … Venice, Korea Town, Leimert Park, East Hollywood & Downtown L.A.: Los Angeles and the Poetry of its Neighborhoods (Co-sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Los Angeles, Occidental College) lummisofla@yahoo.com General Event
Structures of the Fantastic josolomo@illinois.edu Special Session
Teaching for the Post-Anthropocene ron2154@gmail.com Special Session
Teaching with Media and Technology ryan.lambert@ccd.edu Standing Session
Teaching Writing Across the Disciplines rajamann@usc.edu Special Session
Television Studies jason.spangler@rcc.edu Standing Session
Terrorism, Immigration and the Non-West along@kgi.edu Special Session
The Business of the Italian Program pacchion@chapman.edu Special Session
The Memory Factory: Hollywood's Influence on Historical Memory vosborne@usc.edu Special Session
The Permeable Body in Romantic and Victorian Literature kacie.wills@gmail.com Special Session
The Strange Place of Ecocriticism: The Material as Cultural Artifact? dwhall@cpp.edu Special Session
Transdisciplinary and Transnational Approaches to Caribbean Literatures skh216@uw.edu Special Session
Travel and Literature wccorley@cpp.edu Standing Session
Wars of Knowledge: Imperial Hegemony and the Assembling of Libraries martaa@cpp.edu Special Session
Western American Literature sorr@hawaii.edu Special Session
Women and Work susanne.weil@centralia.edu Special Session
Women in French dolidon@pdx.edu Standing Session
Women in German: Feminist Approaches to/in German Studies: Inclusivity & Sustainability in Teaching, Learning, and Research in the Profession ohnesorg@utk.edu Standing Session
Women in Literature ay.kay.kay03@gmail.com Standing Session
Young Adult Literature matlock.42@osu.edu Special Session

Cancelled (not being held)

Title Presiding Officer Session Type
Ancient-Modern Relations: The Classical Tradition josolomo@illinois.edu Standing Session
Archives and the Management of Sex sruszczy@calpoly.edu Special Session
Archives and the Management of Sex david.squires@wsu.edu Special Session
Beyond Archives of Authority: Security, Intelligence, and the Humanities matthewjosephchambers@gmail.com Special Session
Elizabeth Bishop, Her Circle, and the Literary Archive hicokbf@westminster.edu Special Session
Learning in the Digital Library jjthomps@calpoly.edu Special Session
The Mediterranean: Encounters, Diaspora, and Beyond claudiaperalta@boisestate.edu Special Session
The New Italians: Migrant Stories in Literature and Film gpastor@fdu.edu Special Session
Women Who Write Patricia.Amezcua@csulb.edu Special Session