114th Annual Conference - Pasadena, California
Friday, November 11 - Sunday, November 13, 2016

Introducing Cuban author Nancy Alonso

Anne Fountain, San Jose State University

One of the best writers to emerge in Cuba in the last 20 years is Nancy Alonso whose prize-winning anthologies of short stories appeared in 2007 and 2012 in English translation. Learn about her humor, her exploration of LGBT themes and the planned documentary about her life and work.


Americans are rushing to travel to Cuba now. But how does one get to know the people and their hopes and aspirations aside from planned tours and packaged excursions?  Cuban writers like Nancy Alonso whose short stories reveal the shortcomings of the Special Period as well as the pride in Cuba’s medical missions abroad offer a balanced and nuanced look at Cuban life from the 1990s until today. This session introduces Nancy’s collections of short stories, tells how they are appearing in translation, and gives details about her life and travels including guest professor invitations. Nancy visited California in conjunction with the LASA (Latin American Studies Association) conference in 2012 and was a guest professor at San José State in 2014. She has spoken at Stanford and at Chico State as well as in Berkeley and San Francisco. The session will give information about Nancy’s themes and about the mini documentary that is being planned about her life and works.