113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

Step-by-Step Instructions for Presiding Officers

Presiding Officers should receive email notifications whenever a proposal is submitted to their topic area.  However, email delivery fails from time to time, due to sending failures and spam filters, so Presiding Officers should consult the website for a full record of proposals submitted to their sessions.

Should you have a question, please email or call the Executive Director, Craig Svonkin: svonkin@netzero.com or 626-354-7526. Conference sessions are typically designed for three or four panelists, so do not invite more than four panelists without first discussing the situation and the possibility of a second session with Craig Svonkin. Our room space is quite limited this year, and thus additional sessions will be given out only on a case by case basis.

Presiding Officers must accept or decline all proposals via the PAMLA website beginning May 16, 2015 (and no later than June 15).  Please DO NOT begin accepting papers before the May 15 deadline has passed.  To indicate your decision about a proposal, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the PAMLA website

Log in to the PAMLA website at http://www.pamla.org/user/login
If you have forgotten your username or password, you may retrieve them by entering your email address at http://www.pamla.org/user/password or by contacting webmaster@pamla.org

2.  Review proposals

Review the proposals listed on your "My Conference" page under "Submissions Received."  You can click the paper title to see more details about each paper.

3. Invite (or decline) presenters

From the "Submissions Received" page, click the "change status" link for each paper when you are ready to indicate your decision.
   * Set the status to "Invited," "Declined," "Withdrawn," or other option as appropriate.
   * Add a note explaining your decision and hit "Update Status."  The note will be emailed to the submitter and retained in the history log. Sessions usually have three or four panelists. Do not invite more than four proposers to join your session unless you first receive permission to do so from Craig Svonkin, PAMLA Executive Director: svonkin@netzero.com.

4. Confirm presenters who accept

After receiving confirmation from invited presenters, visit the site again and change the status to "Confirmed."

5. Form sessions (assign presenters and arrange order)

After confirming ALL of your presenters, please visit the "Sessions Organized" tab to assign them to a session and arrange the presentation order.  Because many topic areas have multiple sessions, presenters are not automatically assigned to panels. We rely on you to associate them with the correct sessions.

If any of your presenters indicated that they would like to use AV, you must coordinate with them to have a laptop available during the session.  Projectors are provided, but laptops must be provided by presenters or session chairs.  All presenters should load their presentations onto a single laptop in advance, so that no time is lost switching computers during the session.

Please verify the status of all papers and make any corrections to the program copy on the website by June 15.

If you have any questions or problems, contact Executive Director Craig Svonkin at svonkin@netzero.com.

Thank you for organizing a session at this year's conference!