113th Annual Conference - Portland, Oregon
Friday, November 6 - Sunday, November 8, 2015

Civic Engagement and the Languages

Session Chair: 
Jann Purdy, Pacific University
Session 10: Sunday 8:30-10:00am
Deschutes (PMCC)


  1. Lina Quiroga, Portland State University
    This presentation aims to explain the Capstone in Bilingual Education offered by University Studies in conjunction with the Spanish program at Portland State University. The reasons why it was created, its goals and how it works, as well as the results obtained in recent years, will be the topics covered, paying special attention to the experiences of the students involved.
  2. Erin Finzer, U Arkansas at Little Rock
    Service learning in the foreign language classroom need not be limited to interpreting and translating alone.  Content-driven experiential learning  can facilitate “deep” learning (Henry Giroux’s concept) by enabling students to explore key social and economic issues that determine diverse global realities, as well as cultural responses to them.  
  3. Kirsten Drickey, Western Washington University, Andrew Blick, Western Washington University
    Western Washington University’s Employee Language Program offers conversational language workshops, taught by upper-division language students, to university faculty and staff. The presenters will discuss the roles of the student-facilitators and the employee participants, as well as the program’s origin, mission, structure, and vision.
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